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Top Five Reasons to Relocate to Camden

It's no secret that Camden, NJ is slowly rising up from the ashes of it's former hustle and bustle. Millennial Partners has been at the front of this shift and we want to continue to work and bring in new and exciting opportunities to this great city. So here are a few reasons why Camden, NJ is such a great place to do business:

1. Location! Situated just minutes from Philadelphia, Camden brings a together the best of suburban and urban living and business.

2. Financial Incentive: Through the NJ Grow program, with a minimum of 35 employees and 5 million dollars in investment, you can receive up to 20 million dollars in tax credits. This program shows Camden strong commitment to not only bring business in but to retain companies for the long hall. For more information about this visit the NJ EDA Grow Program website.

3. If you're asking yourself where to find employees then look no further, Camden is full of skilled workers who are looking for jobs, the citizens of Camden are just as dedicated to growing and shaping their city as local businesses are. Not to mention there is a large population of college students seeking internships and jobs right here at Rutgers-Camden!

4. Several large companies have already began calling Camden their home. Mostly notably the Philadelphia 76ers which is slated to be done before the start of the 2016-2017 season. Subaru is another major company that has decided to invest in Camden to build their HQ in, but there is still plenty of space for others!

5. There is a lot of land, and it is very inexpensive. Because of the economic instabilities of the past, the price of land in Camden has decreased in an effort to make it easier for businesses to purchase and build up their businesses. This is great news for anyone who doesn't have a lot to begin with and Millennial Partners will help with every aspect of acquiring the land and building your facility!

Millennial Partners calls Camden it's home and we know you will too once you see it's full potential! Let us help you grow your business today!

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