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Former Camden library may have new life

Exciting news for Millennial Partners who was recently published in the Courier Post regarding one of our exciting and most promising projects in Camden, NJ, our home. Check it out!

"A redevelopment project could turn the page for a long-vacant downtown library building.A cafe and office space are planned for the neoclassical structure at 418 Federal St. that served until 2011 as the headquarters for a municipal library system."It's going to be an exciting project," said Christopher DiGeorge of Millennial Partners, a Camden firm pursuing the project. "We're going to bring the building back to its historical splendor."DiGeorge, who declined to discuss the project's cost, acknowledged the forbidding structure will need extensive work."It's in terrible shape," he said Monday. "People have been living in it; water's been coming in. It needs to be cleaned up."DiGeorge said the project could be completed within a year. He described the planned "library cafe" as a "gorgeous public space that we hope will become a gathering spot for the movers and shakers."Millennial was chosen to head the project at a Feb. 8 meeting of the Camden Redevelopment Agency, which acquired ownership of the property from the city."

Read the full story here.

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